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Release: 16th June 2017
(Wrasse/Harmonia Mundi)

“ZAIRE 74” was the name of the 3 day music festival that proceeded the Heavyweight Championship fight between Mohammad Ali and George Foreman that took place in the autumn of 1974 in Kinshasa Zaire. The festival brought together an array of Americas greatest musical artists performing on the same stage alongside the greatest African artists of that time from the Congo and beyond. Many of the performances of this event are included in the 1996 Academy Award winning documentary feature “When We Were Kings”. Sadly the African artists, with the exception of Miriam Makeba are for the most part neglected. Contained in this package are the NEVER BEFORE HEARD RECORDINGS OF THE AFRICAN ARTISTS that appeared at this historic event. It features amazingly vibrant performances by the most iconic figures of the “golden age” of the music of the Congo, appearing in front of an adoring audience of more than 50 thousand fans.



Release: 21th April 2017
(Ozella Music/Galileo)

If music is a language, then maybe, vice versa, words can be used to imitate specific sounds. This fascinating phenomenon of onomatopoeia is the point of departure for the Helge Lien Trio's 9th album Guzuguzu: Each track is based on a different onomatopoetic Japanese term and the rich field of associations it opens up.

The conceptual angle may seem to point at a rather cerebral recording process. In fact, the exact opposite is true: "We were able to record the album in a single take", Lien recounts, "We spent close to an entire year preparing the recording of Guzuguzu, so when we met in Rainbow studio for the actual sessions, the album was more or less complete, not to say 'garari'. Listening to how it came out, it strikes me how closely it resembles a live experience."

With just a single exception, all tracks emerge from the same melodic theme, constantly oscillating between improvisation and composition and combining the spirit of jazz with symphonic development.



Release: 7th April 2017

Take LAMOMALI, the new album by iconic French rocker, M. Recorded in collaboration with Toumani Diabaté, that Grammy-winning kora virtuoso from Mali, West Africa, and featuring a who’s who of singers and musicians from, well, everywhere, it’s both a mighty slice of African pop and a testament to music’s power to enchant, heal and unite.

LAMOMALI showcases the easy empathy between Chedid, a showman whose way with a riff and a lyric has bagged him eight shiny Victoires de la musique awards (the French Brits), and the quietly brilliant Diabaté - a member of a dynasty that has transformedthe kora, that 21-string harp with its great gourd resonator, into one ofthe most recognizable of African instruments


© Marco Caseli Nirmal


Release: 28th April 2017
(flowfish/Broken Silence)

Die "rock'n'rolligste Fadista" – mit diesem Attribut schmückte sie eine Fernsehzeitschrift in ihrer Heimat. Mit ihrem frechen, ungezwungenen Auftreten ist Gisela João, die 2015 zur „Frau des Jahres“ gekürt wurde, in der Tat eine der erfrischendsten Persönlichkeiten der portugiesischen Musikszene momentan. Ihr zweites Album Nua („Nackt“) unterstreicht ihre genauso ehrliche wie erdige Lesart des alten Nationalgenres.

Nein, eine Nachfolgerin der legendären Amália Rodrigues ist sie sicherlich nicht - und das ist wohltuend. Während in den letzten fünfzehn Jahren jeder neuen Fadosängerin gebetsmühlenhaft das Begleitprädikat „die neue Amália“ angeheftet wurde, geht diese Frau in Turnschuhen und kurzen Kleidern auf die Bühne, singt von kleinen grünen Männchen, liebt Tattoos, tanzt ausgelassen auf derBühne zur portugiesischen Gitarre und ist stolz auf ihre Herkunft. Ja, Gisela João ist ein wenig anders.

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