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Release: 25th May 2018

Fatoumata Diawara’s new album (‘Fatou’) was co-produced by Diawara and Matthieu Chedid (better known by his stage name -M-) and recorded in Mali, Burkina Faso, Barcelona and Paris. Hailed as one of the most vital standard-bearers of modern Africanmusic, Fatoumata Diawara takes her artistry to fresh and thrilling heights on her new album ‘Fenfo’.

Boldly experimental yet respectful of her roots, it’s a record that defines her as the voice of young African womanhood – proud of her heritage but with a vision that looks confidently to the future and a message that is universal. ‘Fenfo’ is an album that has no borders. The modernity of stinging electric guitar lines combine with the ancient African strings of the kora and kamel ngoni and kit drums combine with the timeless rhythms of traditional percussion.



Release: 20th April 2018
(Kirkelig Kulturverksted/Indigo)

Maria Solheim continues to move on the fringe of the pop genre. She has often been placed in the indie-pop-category, having repeatedly challenged the conventional wisdom for making a pop song. On the album ‘Stories of New Morning’ you find both: Good popmusic spiced with special musical elements here and there that underline and reinforce the message in the music.

Maria Solheim has a long career behind her. Leaving a small fishing village in Nordland county at the age of 18 to release her first album, she was only twenty when she travelled alone to Tokyoto launch her second album to an Asian audience. When 22, she released her third album. With several nominations for the Norwegian Spellemann Music Award, she has constantly toured Norway and abroad.



Release: 13th April 2018
(Blueline/flowfish/Broken Silence)

‘Sidi Wacho’ from Chile and France with a nomad and rebel soul and a multicultural identity combines different styles – their new album ‘Bordaliko’ is a powerful mix of Cumbia, Balkan-Beats and Hip-Hop with Carribean and Arabic influences. The band is now composed of two MC's: a chilean cumbiero and a french MC, an accordionist, a percussion and a trumpet player, blending balkan beats and colourful mexican sounds.

During their first two years on the road they played plenty of shows in Europe, Canada and South America – wherever they go they make the crowd dance with their ‘Buena Onda’.



Release: 25th Mai 2018
(Prophecy Productions)

‘The Mystery of the Bulgarian Voices’ releases their first album of new studio recordings in over two decades! In successfully connecting Bulgarian folklore with other traditions and cultures, the album manages to retain the unique identity of the voices, vocal styles and techniques of the individual choir members, even when allying them with acoustic accompaniment such as stringed instruments and various types of percussion, including beatbox.

Once described as the marriage of the avant-garde and the MiddleAges, the magic of the ensemble stems from its success in mastering Bulgaria’s diverse, age-old vocal traditions while simultaneously sounding strikingly modern and original, thanks to the unique choral music structure – multi-part a cappella arrangements that transform its collective sound into strange colours as if something other than the human voice is being heard.

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